Streaming worlds

The assignment was to design landscapes for optimization

Duration 4 weeks (4 hrs/day)
Tools Unreal Engine 4, asset packs
Summary The task was to create nine completely different landscapes and load/unload them during runtime. There could only be three active landscapes at a time. I had to use assets to create seamless terrains and guide the player. I constantly looked through the player camera to know which landscape to unload when planning the design. I also had the idea of placing a giant tree in the middle of the scene as a reference point.

An overview of the full map



Interactive level made in Unreal Engine

The assignment was to create a level designed to be used in different ways when progressing. Here is my blueprint for the player movement mechanics. This script heavily influences the level. Click “Fullscreen” to view it as a whole.

Duration 4 weeks (4 hrs/day)
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Summary My goal with this project was to design a game around unlockable abilities. The player starts with the ability to crouch, slide, and jump and get introduced to new ways to interact with the level. The abilities are Gravity gun, Grappling hook, Dash and Gravity pull. All capabilities are unlocked one by one as the player progresses through the tutorial area.

Some rough top-down sketches.

At the start of the level, the player goes through a tutorial phase where the player gets to try out the core mechanics in a safe environment. The player learns to unlock new abilities by standing in the upgrade pod. First up is a gravity gun. The front door is deactivated, and the player needs to use the gravity gun to progress. Light strips are coming out of the ventilation system to signal the player to move it to get to the other room.

Click to view my blueprints of the gravity gun and grappling hook.