After completing Game design at FutureGames, I realized that every part of game development is equally exciting. I often talked with students from other disciplines about their creative processes. I got a glimpse of the whole game development process, so I started creating my own games on the side. I really love the creative freedom of coming up with an idea and knowing the complete process of game making. Creating a prototype, making 3D models in Blender, exploring C#, having someone test it, find what is engaging, and iterate. Diving deep into a new area is an excellent way for me to soothe my busy brain. This realization made me apply to The Game Assembly.

I have spent my time here diving deeper into the world of level design. By creating every 3D model for my assignments, I became more knowledgeable about form and flow within a level. I have also created my own tabletop game prototype on the side. It is a sci-fi, player vs. player, strategy adventure. More on that will be uploaded on the project page.

I firmly believe that games can change the future for the better. Or at least help me stay in contact with my closest friends in my 30s.

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