About me

FutureGames taught me that every part of game development is exciting. Other disciplines’ creative processes often interested me. Having seen the whole game development process, I started making my own games. Game making gives me creative freedom and a complete understanding of the process. Making 3D models in Blender, exploring C#, having someone test it, finding what is engaging, and iterating. After realizing this, I applied to The Game Assembly.

I’ve been diving deeper into the world of level design. Each 3D model I created for my assignments strengthened my knowledge of form and flow. In addition, I have created a prototype for a tabletop game. A sci-fi CCG. There will be more on the project page.

Games can change the future for the better, and I want a part of it.

Please call me or email me if you want to see me create a custom project for you where i can further show what i am capable of.

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