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HI! My name is Olle. I'm passionate about two things; people and making great games. I'm especially interested in level design and in creating levels that both guides and engages the player through the game. I like to do that through constant playtesting and looking at how the player interacts with the map I have created. 

 Although I spend a lot of time on my computer, I'm a people person at heart. I'm described as curious, energetic, a hard-core gamer, an idea machine, happy, beer-loving, tech-savvy, creative, funny, clumsy, and social.

I'm a Game Designer who is looking forward to digging my teeth into exciting projects. Don't hesitate to shoot me an e-mail or give me a call if you want to grab a coffee and talk about how I can be at service.

FutureGames & Hyper Island


7 jan - 16 aug , 2019 Internship

Antler Interactive

At Antler Interactive I got real world experience woring in the industry. For 8-month I got to put my level design skills to practice. Working close with artist and programmers creating an alligned vision.   The first project was called Krystal Kart. Its a multiplayer mobile game, created for friends to enjoy. I challenged myself to create tracks which engaged in creative thinking. I did that by manny ideations on users. Reitterations collected feedback, re did and refined my work. It was a small Studio stationed in the central of Stockholm. The deadlines were tight and I foced myself into learning.

2017 - 2019, FutureGames

Game Design

FutureGames, Game Design is a two-year-long program in one of the leading game development schools in Sweden. The courses are lead by industry professionals and deploy a hands-on approach to learning. During the three larger game projects, I mostly did scripting and level design. I have had courses covering the whole pipeline of game development; I have a good overview of what it takes to create games. I am early on into my game development career, but FutureGames game me a great base of knowledge to build on. I'm curious and constantly finding new ways to improve.

2015 - 2017, Hyper Island

Mobile Creative

Hyper Island, Mobile Creative is a two-year-long program where I, among other things, came up with innovations with high-impact usability. I was immersed in a creative and collaborative atmosphere that simulates modern work environments. During my time at Hyper Island, I learned to work in high performing teams and got insights from industry experts and talented professionals from around the world.

Level & AI Designer.



Duration7 weeks

Team size10


AI design / Programmer


Ley Lines Ley Lines is a first-person shooter/platformer in which you use your weapon, not only to defeat enemies, but also to solve the puzzles and progress in the story. Using a vast movement-set, you can swiftly traverse the world both horizontally and vertically, use the environment as well as your gun "Ra" to open hidden pathways and bounce far out of the reach of enemies.

Using a vast movement-set, you can swiftly traverse the world both horizontally and vertically, use the environment as well as your gun "Ra" to open hidden pathways and bounce far out of the reach of enemies.

AI Design

Designing AI to this FPS was a big challenge. The player was equipped with homing frost projectiles that slows the enemies on impact — and bouncing fire projectiles that spread in a wide area of effect.  

The player was also extraordinarily mobile and could travel fast by wall jumping.  


The enemies needed to be mobile and be able to move as fast as the player, I programed the enemies to always lock on the player's vertical transform with a short delay so that you could not notice.


During the first iterations of the game, the enemies got blasted in pieces. The enemies could not stand a chance vs. a highly mobile player. I came up with the idea to add shields on the enemies; the player had to use the right type of ammo to disarm the shied.

State Machine

To make the AI seem intelligent, I created five states: alerted, idle, attack, patrol, recharging. I spend a lot of time fine tuning these states, making them blend and work together.

I should have play tested earlier in order to realize that I only needed idle and attack.

Frost enemy traits
  • Slow movement speed, slow attack speed, long attack distance, frost sheds that breaks if the player uses fire ammo and slows down player movement speed
  • Fire enemy traits
  • Fast movement speed, fast attack speed, short attack distance, fire shield which breaks if the player uses frost ammo, high damage on short range, wide area of effect.
  • After the project concluded, I wanted to explore what I could do with the levels in terms of level design. It was vital for me to understand what skills I wanted the player to test in order to make the level feel natural and easy to play trough.  The game was all about shooting; the player could use three different ammo types, each ammo type manipulated the levels in various ways. Fire - opens cracks in the walls making the player progress to a new room.  Frost - freeze fire hazards. Slows down enemies.

    I wanted to explore what I could do with the enemy AI that I had been creating.

    Creating levels.

    I usually start by figuring out the layout from above in a program like Photoshop.  I draw out what I want to build and make sure that I understand what skills I want to test. Then I make a rough block out in Unity. . I make sure that it is playable and fun. I then add all of the in-game elements, like elevators, moving blocks, hazards, etc. I test it many times during this process to make sure that I encourage the player to use the intended game mechanic.    A core feature in this game is the ability for the player to wall run.  The levels need to make sure that the player uses these abilities and reward well-timed jumps.  

    When I create levels, I must guide the player through the level. If there is a locked door that needs to be solved, the player needs to get a hint on where ever the key might be. I use lightning, well-placed windows, art, etc.  When there is a section where the player is supposed to wall-run, I place fire and spikes on walls that are not meant for wall-running. I then put a switch that can be toggled on. When t toggled on, a wall raises which the player can run on. I do this to make it clear, on the current task, which I want the player to complete

    Mobile AR game.


    Team size10

    EngineUnreal Engine

    Duration4 weeks

    RoleLevel Designer / Project owner

    Mondi is a game which was created in four weeks in the Unreal Engine 4. The milestones we had to meet, to pass the course, was environmental storytelling, destruction, and exploration.

    My role was to structure scrum meetings and to make sure that everyone knew what to do.


    I created a schedule where we started the day by "checking-in," telling the team what we did yesterday and what we will be doing today and if we had any blockers which we needed help to unblock. I also had a question of the day. I would ask

    "- if you were a color today, what color would it be?" I know this might sound weird, but it helped the group to start talking with each other, finding similarities and connecting. The question only took about 3 min in the morning.

    Level Design

    This was a 2.5d platformer. When creating levels for this game, it was essential to understand what is fun in the game. The player was a slime-like creature that could stick to the wall. If the player fell on the wall, it had to restart.

    The environment helped the player to understand what direction to go by placing props that looked like arrows. I crafted sequences with flying drones to add custom platforming.

    On the background of the levels, we told a story, which for a curious player, we gave the incentive to continue playing.  We placed collectible fruits to keep the player motivated.  The environment is pointing in the direction that we wanted the player to go.

    Project owner

    This project helped me realize how much time it takes to be a product owner. And that having a meeting with the whole team might not always be the way to go. Some people prefer to sit down and work with music, while others need to have a clear plan on what to do. Its a balance to create the work environment that works for all personality types.

    Level Design.

    Krystal Kart

    Location Anltler Interactive Internship

    Team size6

    EngineUnity Engine, Blender 2.8

    RoleLevel Designer

    Duration3 months


    Krystal Kart is an AR mobile game which is about racing against your friends. The player places the track on the table to create an AR experience.

    The players can use power-ups to increase speed or slow down close by cars.

    For new players, it can be hard to handle the car. Therefore, it was essential to have the right skill level on the tracks. I did that by finding the right width on the tracks.

    Creating a track

    I started with pen and paper to find a nice flow, if there were a lot of turns on a track, I would add a long straight road because that was a reward for managing all the turns. 

    I put my sketches in Blender, found the right measurements, and started mold them.

    After that, I imported the blender file into Unity, placed colliders so that the players wouldn't fall off and tested it. When the track was just right I placed checkpoints and power-ups. Then I decided on how many laps the road should be and put it on the phone again and tested it. I play tested the tracks a few times with my teammates and continually wrote down feedback.

    When everything was done, I sent the track to the 3D artist who finished the job. a track took be about 2 weeks to complete.

    I learned to work in a performing team, meeting real deadlines. I learned that I need to trust my guts and to show not tell. It was more time-efficient to do first and then ask if I was doing good. The team was often under a lot of stress, so I had to become independent which forced me to learn quickly.

    Project two, Krystal Quest

    Krystal Quest is a mobile aventure puzzle Game. The core mechanic in the game was to solve puzzles, get rewarded with soothing animations and crisp sound effects. Move to the next map and solve harder problems with new ways to interact with the mystery.

    I created levels in Blender 2.8 that would creatively present the problem. Giving the player hints and incisive within the level where the clue might lie. I was responsible for the fourth level of the game. This is where the player is familiar with the game mechanics so the puzzles can be more challenging.

    Level Design.


    TypePrivate house




    Level designing for Leylines.

    A mix of smaller projects..


    Movement The assignment was to create "Movement" in the unreal engine. I crafted a system that checked if there were any climbable areas in a sphere cast around the player. If that was the case, the player character played the right animation and found the edge of the block where to place the characters hands.

    During my first project at FutureGames. I was in response to creating the UI. I did so by using the Unreal Engine UI system. I used layers and hid and showed images depending on the player input.

    Mobile AR adventure game.

    Krystal Quest

    TypeMobile AR adventure Game

    Duration2 months

    EngineUnity Eninge, Blender 2.8

    Team Size10


    During my eight months internship at Antler Interactive, I created blackouts for an AR mobile game called Krystal Quest

    I helped to develop the progression flow. A level which is easy to navigate and fun to play around with.

    I planned these levels by first using pen and paper to figure out how many degrees was required and what kind of puzzles should used.

    I then created a blackout in Blender 2.8 to test the geometry, to make sure the scales where right. I then created an overview map which showed where the puzzles would be placed and what skill level.