LeyLines Enemies, solve the puzzles, and progress in the story. Using a vast movement set, you can use the environment and your gun “Ra” to open hidden pathways and bounce far out of the reach of enemies.

AI Design

The two enemy types in Leylines are Frost and Fire. The role of the Frost Enemy is to slow down the Player from a long-range. While the fire Enemy is fast and deals a high amount of damage. They are scripted to go into three states depending on the situation. Idle, Attack, Patrol.
The Enemys are also equipped with an energy shield that the Player must break with the right ammo type.

Level Design

It was vital for my team and me to challenge the Player with new encounters to keep the levels exciting and not overwhelming. I Made sure that I understood what skills I wanted to test. Then I make a rough block out in Unity. I make sure that it is playable and fun. I then add all the in-game elements, like elevators, moving blocks, hazards, etc. I test it many times during this process to make sure that I encourage the Player to use the intended game mechanic. A core feature in this game is the ability for the Player to wall run. The levels need to ensure that the Player uses these abilities and reward well-timed jumps. When I create levels, I must guide the Player through the level. If a locked door needs to be opened, the Player needs to get a hint on wherever the key might be. To wall-run, I place fire and spikes on walls that are not meant for wall-running. I then put a switch that can be toggled on. When toggled on, a wall raises, which the Player can run on. I do this to clarify the current task, which I want the Player to complete.

Creating levels

LOCATION: FutureGames
DURATION: 7 weeks
ROLE: AI design / Scipter