Mondi is a game where the player is a slime-like creature that can attach to walls and fly drones.

My Role

My role was to structure scrum meetings and ensure that everyone knew what to do. I created a schedule where we started the day by telling what we were working on. Did yesterday and what we will be doing today. If we had any blockers that we needed help to unblock. I also had a question of the day. I would ask, “- if you were a color today, what color would it be?” I know this might sound weird, but it helped the group to start talking to each other, finding similarities, and connecting. The question only took about 3 minutes in the morning.

Level Design

When creating levels for this game, it was essential to understand what is fun in the game. The player was a slime-like creature that could stick to the wall. If the player fell on the wall, it had to restart. The environment helped the player understand what direction to go by placing props that looked like arrows. I crafted sequences with flying drones to add custom platforming in the background of the levels. We told a story. For a curious player, we gave the incentive to continue playing. We placed collectible fruits to keep the player motivated. The environment is pointing in the direction we wanted the player to go.

Reflections this project helped me realize how much time it takes to be a product owner. And that having a meeting with the whole team might not always be the way to go. Some people prefer to sit down and work with music, while others need to have a clear plan on what to do. It’s a balance to create a work environment that works for all personality types.

LOCATION: FutureGames
ENGINE: Unreal Engine 4
DURATION: 4 weeks
ROLE: Level Design / Project Manager